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How did it start? They tell their story in a few words

The coronavirus has changed the lives of many, including ours...

In the fall of 2020, when the epidemic peaked, my partner and I were quarantined, and the confinement did not have a good effect on our state of mind. We tried to brighten up our boring weekdays in different ways, but after a while we got bored of everything. To pass the time, we started looking for funny, yet special things on the internet, and that's how we found the colorful, patterned socks and immediately ordered some of them.

From here, it might not be difficult to figure out what happened next! If these cheerful socks brought such a big smile to our faces in the morning, and their mood-enhancing effect lasted the whole day, since every time we looked at our feet they made us feel good, the idea arose in us, why not share this feeling with others? What if we made a Vidám Socks webshop?

One more twist

Then we thought, socks are just socks, even if it's premium quality, we should add another twist to it to make Vidám Socks even more unique and special. That's when the idea was born to make personalized gift boxes for them. So it can even be a perfect gift for birthdays, name days and Christmas.

So search them on the we, they are a fantastics team: