About us

With 20 years behind us, we help you find the best solutions

Do you need new products? Are you reluctant to order Chinese webstores? 
Need help in Chinese procurement of import? Would you introduce a new brand in our country or other country in EU?

We help!

To this day, we are in contact with nearly 1,500 manufacturers in various factory cities in China, the number of which is constantly increasing day by day. We opened a representative office in 2016, so we have a head start in native language negotiations. We can perform or have a quality control performed before delivery. We can ensure continuous quality, not just for the first delivery.

We think that you should get to know something about us...

We believe that the real driving power of a healthy business are the people. That is why we have created Greengage:

- developing brands, launching products, building sales channels and brand awareness,
- high, innovative quality distribution of electronic equipment, travel, toys and IT hardware and software in Europe,
- launching your products in Poland and within EU,
- a comprehensive sales & marketing support for companies,
- the leader of distribution in the segment of Duty Free and Travel Retail (travel and electronic accessories),
- third-party logistics services,
- we offer solutions that, in this digitized era, are essential for modern business to function.

Greengage offers a team of specialists that over 20 years of experience in the IT, electronic equipment, international trade business and the financial and banking sector. We use this wealth of expertise in all of these areas in order to drive and improve the business of our customers.
Our mission is to support your Brands, spread their positive spirit, philosophy and raise awareness of its beautiful products across Europe.

Our head office is located in Hungary, from where we offer our dedicated and customized services throughout Europe.

For all businesses, everywhere in European that need a strong, professional sales and support, we are able to:

  • representing and development of your brands and businesses
  • offer access to the Hungarian or whole EU market and customers in many sectors
  • offer sales teams working for the Client`s project in accordance with their strategy and methodology
  • offer outsourcing of Marketing, Logistics & Sales services with high, innovative quality
  • launching your products in our area, opening branch office and many more

Our History

2019 - after nearly 20 years in the IT market, a merger is established in China based on our own ideas
2019- The BlackBird brand is introduced in Hungary with our help
2020- We start working with the following brands at Country Manager level:

2021- Finding and selling pandemic products
2021- We are expanding with the Vidám Zokni team, complete procurement from China
2021- Bravophone, a member of the Bravo-Group, invites us for market research -
         -We successfully participate in tenders, helping the work of BAHU-TELINFO Kft
2022- We are expanding the range of partners, now we also work with Finnish, Polish and Lithuanian contacts
         - Development of a retail channel, integration of the brands found in our representative office into the department stores.

Our other goals are to conquer the Bosnia/Kosovo region and other European countries

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